What is iShowroomPRO?

iShowroomPRO(iSP) is a tablet-based solution that can be used throughout the sales and delivery process.  Easy to use, fast and flexible, iSP impresses customers increases sales and overall customer satisfaction.


iShowroomPRO supports each step in the sales process.



  After greeting the customer, iSP allows you to:
  • Use the Driver's License Scanner to quickly and securely capture key customer data and populate the Customer Profile form
  • When required data (shown with blue CRM tag) is captured, it is automatically sent to your CRM. No setup required
  • Locate Online Retail Experience (ORE) Hot Leads and prepare for their test drive appointment



Use the Customer Needs tool to help customers with high-level needs but no specific brand/model in mind. This tool filters inventory based on criteria such as:
  • Number of passengers
  • Preferred body style
  • MSRP and MPG ranges
Click Find Model to start the conversation with customers who know which vehicle they want. Or, scan a VIN to get highlights on a specific VIN in your inventory.



  The tools in the Present and Demo area
  are powerful. For example:
  • Highlights page provides quick talking points for every vehicle in your inventory
  • Wish List matches customer-desired features, powertrain, colors and more to vehicles in your inventory
  • Wish List matches customer-desired features, powertrain, colors and more to vehicles in your inventory
  • Mopar® Accessories allows browsing and adding of accessories to a professional, custom proposal



  Create a customized, professional
  proposal to print or email to the customer.
  Include any or all of the following:
  • Your contact information
  • Cover page and/or cover letter
  • Customized pricing, finance options, and Mopar accessories pricing
  • Vehicle window sticker and digital catalog
  • Competitive comparisons
  • Job rating summary



  Dealers can configure helpful web links to facilitate a purchase decision.
  • Your dealership can customize other useful links needed to complete the sales process, from trade-in valuation sites, credit applications, your dealership CRM, and more. The sky’s the limit!



 iShowroomPRO gives you one-click   access to Owner Support+ so you can:
  • Send customers an email or text with links to vehicle videos
  • Easily activate connected services and help customers complete enrollment
  • Print the delivery checklist for impactful tips for delivery



ISP has a great tool that opens the door for following up with a customer -both new owners and prospects. Easily take a photo of the customer in a vehicle, let them choose an adventurous background and include the photos in a catalog you can email along with links for sharing photos to social media.
  • Use New Owner in Step 7 to create a Keepsake Catalog that includes all the information a new owner needs about their vehicle
  • Use Future Owner in Step 4 and Create Catalog to help seal the deal with prospects. It features information about a specific vehicle, and other models and trim levels they might want to see
Learn more about iShowroomPRO in the video below