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Be sure to complete a Vehicle Delivery Confirmation (Check Sheet) via iShowroom on a tablet.

New vehicle delivery is an exciting time for your customer, and an important time to ensure that your customer understands all their new vehicle’s features and their operation. Taking the time to review the Delivery Confirmation (Check Sheet) and obtaining signoff from your customer, will ensure that you have a satisfied customer, and that your dealership will qualify for sales incentive payments.

Don’t have tablets? No problem! Bizco is Stellantis’ partner in providing you the latest technology to support integration of iShowroom to your sales and delivery process.

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iPad Gen 7 trade-up offers

Current Tablet Lease Program dealers can trade in good-condition* generation 7 iPad and receive a $5 monthly credit toward the lease of latest-generation iPad.

Any-Tablet Trade-In Offer

Trade in any non-iPad tablet* and receive a monthly credit toward a lease of a latest-generation iPad.

Volume Purchase Offer

Lease 10 or more iPads with AppleCare+ and receive a $50 total monthly billing credit.

*Model dependent, must be in good working condition with no physical damage

Higher iShowroom Usage = Higher SSI Scores

As usage of iShowroom increases, so do Sales Satisfaction Scores. An average of 11 points higher for those dealers using iShowroom versus those who do not

Example: Chrysler Pacifica PHEV Deliveries using iShowroom Vehicle Delivery Check Sheet
* iShowroom Supports 200 features for Pacifica PHEV
* SSI for deliveries completed in 2022 and 2023 that successfully completed a Vehicle Delivery Check Sheet avarage +29.3 pts. higher scores than those that did not use the tool
"My sales consultant was very easy to deal with, had a good attitude, and the use of the tablet really made the process very smooth and worth it. I will come back to this dealership solely because it did not take all day to get what I needed."
"Car salesman was great! Sent me videos and explained everything in the videos as if I was there in person looking at the vehicle! Also, knew I was busy and delivered the vehicle and finished paperwork at my job. Thank you!"

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